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You should have your piano tuned every season because your piano sounds best when it is in tune. Tuning your piano about every six months is the best option.

What is piano tuning?

Piano tuning is an art. It is the process of altering the pitch of the piano strings by either tightening or loosening the

tuning pins.


It is best to hire an expert to do this work to get the right amount of tuning because every piano is different.

Why tune your piano?

In order to have the most beautiful sound coming out of your piano, it must be periodically tuned, just like every other instrument. Moisture is the main culprit for an out-of-tune piano. Other factors that can contribute to a piano going out of tune include: moving it, how often and how hard the piano is being played, and in some cases there can be something structurally wrong with the piano itself.

Using expert piano tuners